FOR READERS: A Different Kind of Book Review

Welcome to Keyhole Conversations. We’re glad you could join us in our new adventure of bringing a different kind of book review to readers. Take a peek into the secrets of working writers, where the character in the novel ‘tells all’ about the author who brought them to life in the pages of the novel. We’ll be posting monthly videos, with occasional blogs thereafter.


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6 Comments on “FOR READERS: A Different Kind of Book Review”

  1. This concept breathes a breath of fresh air into the overwhelming number of review sites on the internet.

    I wish you much success with your venture and look forward to reading more from you.


    • myrickeaton Says:

      Thank you for your comment. We have a great line up of book review videos coming. It’s been fun working with the authors as they portray their own character. It took quite a while to get all the technical aspects down, and we’re still working on making our vlogs perfect. This Friday we will have a new Keyhole Conversation vlog on YouTube, and after November 1st we’ll be posting the videos here.

      Bonnie Myrick

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Your comment is much appreciated. Be sure you don’t forget to subscribe. We have some terrific author/character interviews lined up for your enjoyment. (smile)

  2. A fun and interesting concept. Great job!

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Thanks for your comment, Gordon. We’re reviewing Feisty Family Values, Bonnie Tharp’s award winning book, in a few days. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss our next exciting guest character, Tillie.

  3. What a delightful way to review River of Murder–directly from the character’s viewpoint. And what an intriguing character Jimmy O’Reilly is. Couldn’t be better unless we could hear Conrad Jestmore’s novel in the voice of the turtle! Old Terisias would surely have tales to tell!

    Congratulations to the inventive writer/video makers who dreamed up Keyhole Conversations. Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart are two creative babes!

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