Kansas Authors: Closet Painters? Take a peek.

Now that the frantic pace of the holidays is over, it’s time to take a deep breath and relax.

Keyhole Conversations has taken note of the fact that most of the writers interviewed on our vlog also paint. It’s another form of creative expression that closely ties into writing. A five-week series on authors who express themselves in other creative ways will be featured on our blog.

Our first writer, Bonnie  Myrick,  followed art as a career before she began to write seriously at the age of sixty-two. Her fiction covers many genres: horror, paranormal, mystery, and historical. Her chosen art media ranges from three-dimensional works of sculpture and pottery, as well as mixed media, painting, and pen and ink sketches.

We hope you enjoy peeking through the keyhole into another facet of Bonnie’s life.

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  Bonnie Myrick tells why she became an artist.

       “I had two sisters who were talented artists. I became an artist by accident when my sister, Betty, wanted me to accompany her to her art classes. I wasn’t interested, but she kept nagging until I agreed. Then I discovered the world of color and began to paint. All I have left are a few of my early personal pieces.

      “All my paintings are in oil. The still life is a copy after Cezanne and the old man was painted using Rembrandt’s technique known as chiaroscuro. The sculpture is cast plaster and the lump box was salt fired using red clay. The oil is a painting of  my electric range top. The Jerusalem street scene is copied from a small post card, my earliest attempt as a beginner.”

B. J. Myrick, author of Out of Control

Visit her page at authors den and amazon

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4 Comments on “Kansas Authors: Closet Painters? Take a peek.”

  1. bdtharp Says:

    You are VERY talented. Awesome stuff. Love the stove top, well, all of them, really!

  2. myrickeaton Says:

    Thank you. Your comments are appreciated. And there are some VERY talented authors in queue that are amazing. .

  3. tikiman1962 Says:

    I am highly impressed. It’s not unusual for writers to have other artistic talents and temperaments. We can’t ALWAYS be sitting down fumbling with words.
    What a fine collection of work.

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Thank you my friend. I appreciate your comment. It is amazing how many authors were involved in art before turning to writing. I’m looking forward to viewing your art on Keyhole Conversations in the near future. There will be an accompanying video uploaded to YouTube as well. So I’ll see you in cyberspace. (smiling)

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