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February 24, 2012

B. J. Myrick, author of Out of Control, reads a passage from her favorite scene. She had this to say, “Doyle Riley is a brooding, dangerous man. Although his language is appropriate to his character, it isn’t to mine, so I’ve taken the liberty of censoring some of his words. Bleep, Bleep!

“When I dropped into my dark side,  my predator stepped from the written pages to haunt me.  And so began the power struggle between good and evil.  Once you listen to Doyle’s world view of  humanity, you might just shudder.

“A figment of my imagination? Perhaps, although I shall never forget  the day he escaped to stalk two sisters on vacation, and I began to wonder, who would survive?. . . oh well, just watch the video and listen to Doyle rant. You’ll see what I mean!”


 Lean close. Bonnie will whisper her secret to you.

“One night I left my college class with a friend. We walked out together as a safety measure because several women had been attacked by a predator lying in wait. I was glad my friend was with me that night; none of the car doors would open, not even the trunk. My friend and I called the police, and they found toothpicks broken off in all of the  locks. A scary experience. Someone was looking over me that night . . . the Big Guy upstairs!”

Bonnie tells me she now lives with an attack cat. Cats, she says,  can be more vicious than a dog. She brags that her cat can hear someone walking a block away. The cat’s eyes grow round,  and with his ears laid back,  he drops into a crouch and stares out the window. Everyone should have a cat!


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February 22, 2012

In this Keyhole Conversations video, Bonnie Tharp reads a favorite scene from her novel, “Feisty Family Values” that centers around a three-legged cat. Her book, available as a hardback or e-book, can be found at   View the video below to listen.

Read below for Bonnie’s research secrets on “Feisty Family Values” and some facts that may surprise you.

Fun Facts relating to Feisty Women & Families:

  • Coffee is a great communication stimulator (not to mention a physical one.)
  • There are 38 million women Baby Boomers in the US (count me in!)
  • Seventy-five percent of US families are categorized as Non-Traditional (the key word here is “families”, regardless of the form they take, they are a unit of people loving and supporting one another, and that is GOOD.)
  • Food & talk unites and strengthens families at meal time (Yes!).
  • 2.4 Million Grandparents have responsibility for grandchildren (G-parents ROCK!)
  • Pets improve family health. More than half the US households have a pet in the family. (Let’s hear a YAY for our critters!)
  • Reading is a great stress reliever (Oh, yes.)
  • More than 80% of women in the US experience a 5year+ survival rate from breast cancer. (Awesome News)
  • There are 6 million cases of elder abuse each year. (This has to stop!)
  • Thirty percent of abused and neglected children will later continue the cycle. (Break the cycle, NOW!)

If you’re wondering what all this has to do with FEISTY FAMILY VALUES then pick up a copy and enjoy the ride.


Myth or fact: Do cats really have nine lives? Find the answer here.

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February 17, 2012

In this Keyhole Conversations video, Conrad Jestmore reads a scene from his mystery novel, River of Murder, in which PI Jimmy ‘OReilly and university professor and bone specialist Laura Bascome find a missing finger bone in a most unusual place. Read below for more secrets on River of Murder and some facts about bones. His book can be found here.



“Dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones, dem bones gonna walk around.”

Traditional spiritual song , based on Ezekiel, who prophesied in the Valley of Dry Bones, that the bones would come alive.

Bones do come alive, because they

  • survive the process of decay
  • provide living evidence
  • can verify age, sex, ancestry, stature, weight
  • can show manner of death: homicide, suicide, accidental, natural, unknown
  • can show cause: injury, disease, combination
  • can verify time of death

There are 206 bones in the adult human body.

There are 27 bones in the human hand.

A phalanx is a military formation. It is also a finger bone.

A proximal phalanx has multiple usages. Not all of them human. Not all of them alive.

Find the bones. Find the killer.


February 11, 2012

Starting today, KEYHOLE CONVERSATIONS will feature a new six-week series on authors reading a favorite scene from their book.

Our first award-winning writer,  Hazel Hart, is an author of many talents who has  five published books to her credit. She has selected a scene from Dark Side of the Rainbow, a chilling collection of  short stories she co-authored with B. J. Myrick.

The story, Lady in the Dark, is about a woman  who searches for answers to the strange changes within her body after an attack by a gigantic five-foot spider and uncovers covert government research gone wrong.

View the video below and step into the world of dark fiction . . . if you dare!


    1.   Most spiders are very near sighted.

    2.  Spider babies come from eggs. The female lays up   to 300 eggs that are encased in a silk sac. Young spiders can regenerate a lost leg.  Adults can’t.

   3.   Spiders make a new web each day because the old one gets dirty. They roll the old web into a ball and eat it.

4.  A jumping spider can jump up to twenty-five times its own body length.

5.  Mating is dangerous for the male spider, who performs ritualistic dancing to hypnotize the female before fertilization to avoid being eaten by her.


CREDITS:  spider photo iStock #0000017


February 3, 2012

Fourth in Keyhole Conversations Authors/Artists series is H.B. Berlow, who produces some of his art using the Oops method. “What’s that?” you ask.  Climb aboard. You’re about to find out.

Similar to Jackson Pollock, H.B. creates exciting free-flowing works of art, paintings that crackle with energy. One has the feeling this writer turned painter approaches life with optimism, energy, and enthusiasm.

Can you can guess from his paintings the kinds of genres he writes? Watch the video below to find out.

Read what this author has to say about how he was drawn to painting while simultaneously creating novels

“Before I joined KWA, before the blog and the website and the book trailers, I was basically figuring out where to go and what to do with my writing. At the time, I was doing nothing with my writing. But I still needed a creative outlet.

A friend made a comment about what he termed “Oops” paint, the leftovers or unsellables from stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. I got a wild idea to buy plastic squirt bottles, mix up various colors, lay a canvas on the floor of the garage on top of a tarp, and squirt the paint, similar to Jackson Pollock’s drippings. From there, I used old kitchen utensils, cords from draperies, cheap brushes, wooden or plastic stirrers–anything odd or unique to create a texture.

“I like color. I like free-flowing images. The work is another form of creative expression that ties in with my writing. My painting and other art work has progressed in an open fashion as I allow a freedom of expression to take over.”