Fourth in Keyhole Conversations Authors/Artists series is H.B. Berlow, who produces some of his art using the Oops method. “What’s that?” you ask.  Climb aboard. You’re about to find out.

Similar to Jackson Pollock, H.B. creates exciting free-flowing works of art, paintings that crackle with energy. One has the feeling this writer turned painter approaches life with optimism, energy, and enthusiasm.

Can you can guess from his paintings the kinds of genres he writes? Watch the video below to find out.

Read what this author has to say about how he was drawn to painting while simultaneously creating novels

“Before I joined KWA, before the blog and the website and the book trailers, I was basically figuring out where to go and what to do with my writing. At the time, I was doing nothing with my writing. But I still needed a creative outlet.

A friend made a comment about what he termed “Oops” paint, the leftovers or unsellables from stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot. I got a wild idea to buy plastic squirt bottles, mix up various colors, lay a canvas on the floor of the garage on top of a tarp, and squirt the paint, similar to Jackson Pollock’s drippings. From there, I used old kitchen utensils, cords from draperies, cheap brushes, wooden or plastic stirrers–anything odd or unique to create a texture.

“I like color. I like free-flowing images. The work is another form of creative expression that ties in with my writing. My painting and other art work has progressed in an open fashion as I allow a freedom of expression to take over.”

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One Comment on “The OOPS! METHOD”

  1. BD Tharp Says:

    Awesome artwork, HB. You are a very talented man.

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