We hope you enjoy today’s video, a rambling  about our own historical novels and the research involved.

Take the poll below and let us know which series you enjoyed the most.

Special thanks to vintagefeedsacks for the use of their images.

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4 Comments on “MARCH RAMBLINGS”

  1. Really enjoyed the historical novel comments. Loved them all, but voted for the character interviews. I am fascinated to watch writers interpret their own works.

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Conrad, thanks for visiting. It’s been fun to do a variety of series with the authors, but like you, I love the character interviews best, too. I’d like to have the time to do more creative vlogs with interviewing writers long distance, either fiction OR nonfiction, but between writing, marketing, and daily chores, I feel spread pretty thin. Once I get the two novels polished that I have done, I want to concentrate on a couple of ideas that keep knocking around in my head. Oh…and keep ‘peeking’. We love your comments. And thanks for your input on the poll!

      P.S. You’ll never believe it, but I wrote a poem the other day about my cat!

  2. Tech Hotties, this is the best one yet. Very relaxed and natural while still getting the promo out about your historical novels. I really like this format, and can’t wait to read the novels.

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Arlene, great to hear from you again! This was to be an experiment doing the green screen technique, so we could change the background. As usual, nothing worked out. As ‘Tech Hotties,” we catch on very slow and struggle with technology. I couldn’t open the mp4 files on my computer or save them from the disc Hazel gave me. I was going to learn how to use the software to change the background, but there are those pesky problems. I don’t know why I can’t get the files on my hard drive. So I shelved it for a couple of weeks. I have all this ‘stuff’ I want to do. PLUS write! Did you take the poll? Thanks again for stopping by.

      Bonnie Myrick

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