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May 25, 2012

At the OWFI Conference, (Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.)  held in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma May 2-5 of 2012, Keyhole Conversations held a Which Pitch Face-off Competition. Hazel Hart, technical director, filmed the pitches.  Viewers were given the opportunity to vote on the best Which Pitch Face-Off by May 18th.

The results are in. The winner is H. B. Berlow, who captured 70% of the votes. Congratulations, H. B. on your  award.


May 18, 2012

Award winning authors Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart are running a contest to promote the Kindle eBook that was available for free download May 16th and  17th.

Enter the contest between May 18 and May 25 for a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. Read “The Seduction,” one of the stories in Dark Side of the Rainbow. Then in a comment, answer four questions about the story posted below. Participants who correctly answer the questions will be entered in a drawing to win the gift card. To be eligible for the drawing, participant must  have the correct answers and include an email address in their comment.

Drawing will be held May 30th and the winner  announced  June 1st.


1. Where do Sydney and Armando meet?

2. What device does Sydney use to bring police and rescue workers to the grave where she is buried alive?

3. What color is the liquid oozing from the wound on Sydney’s neck?

4. When Sydney and Armando are both in bat form, how do they communicate?

Your opinions on the story would be appreciated.

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May 11, 2012

H.B.Berlow is pitching Weekend Getaways or Adventures in Contract Killing.

H. B. studied filmmaking and creative writing at the University of Miami in the 1980’s and was involved in the Boston Poetry Scene in the mid 1990s.  He has been a member of the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) since 2007. His other passions are cooking, food and wine.  He discusses all these aspects on his blog.

Leatrice McKinney is pitching Coveted, a YA Urban Fantasy.

In Coveted, Caleb Dunnelly can raise the dead, a handy little skill that’s propelled him straight to the top of the Seven Deadly Sins’ most wanted list. Leatrice McKinney is a freelance writer, a published poet, and a columnist for Writer’s News Weekly. View her books here.

Mike Watson  is pitching his new novel, Treasure of the Anasazi

The author’s debut novel, The Nestorian Alliance, is a Jack Trader Adventure, now available as an e-Book. He is a writer and self-employed geologist and surveyor, living with his wife in a rural setting near Clearwater, Kansas. Mike is currently working on his second novel in the series. The characters in the series reside in or near Durango, Colorado, one of Mike’s favorite places. Find out more about Mike here. 




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May 5, 2012

Conrad Jestmore, author of the Jimmy O’Reilly murder mystery series, is currently working on Fields of Death, a sequel to River of Murder, in which a pet turtle named Tiresias is used symbolicallyl. The New Oxford Dictionary records that in Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind Theban prophet noted for his wisdom.

In River of Murder, Private Investigator Jimmy O’Reilly’s pet Box Turtle named Tiresias is blind and seems to have some powers of premonition to warn and help O’Reilly. In the second book in the series, Fields of Death, which is scheduled to come out in November of 2012, it is revealed that Tiresias has a girl friend.  Janie O’Reilly’s teenage helper gets to name the girlfriend (You’ll have to read the book to find out the name; hint: like Tiresias, it is Greek, and it has something to do with sex), and of course a natural outcome of a boy and girl turtle getting together is the offspring.

In Fields of Death, small town Private Investigator Jimmy O’Reilly continues to struggle with his demons from the past, while trying to solve the deaths of twenty-seven men found left to die, locked in a tractor trailer in the intense Kansas heat. The trail leads to the Japanese Mafia, a human slavery ring, and even a State Senator. Tiresias, O’Reilly’s blind pet box Turtle, Laura, his side-kick and Janie, his teenage helper all continue as characters from the first book, River of Murder, as does Alex, the colorful local sheriff. O’Reilly, as always, is sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by his bizarre sense of humor.

Take the poll below. Which series did you enjoy most?


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