Conrad Jestmore, author of the Jimmy O’Reilly murder mystery series, is currently working on Fields of Death, a sequel to River of Murder, in which a pet turtle named Tiresias is used symbolicallyl. The New Oxford Dictionary records that in Greek mythology, Tiresias was a blind Theban prophet noted for his wisdom.

In River of Murder, Private Investigator Jimmy O’Reilly’s pet Box Turtle named Tiresias is blind and seems to have some powers of premonition to warn and help O’Reilly. In the second book in the series, Fields of Death, which is scheduled to come out in November of 2012, it is revealed that Tiresias has a girl friend.  Janie O’Reilly’s teenage helper gets to name the girlfriend (You’ll have to read the book to find out the name; hint: like Tiresias, it is Greek, and it has something to do with sex), and of course a natural outcome of a boy and girl turtle getting together is the offspring.

In Fields of Death, small town Private Investigator Jimmy O’Reilly continues to struggle with his demons from the past, while trying to solve the deaths of twenty-seven men found left to die, locked in a tractor trailer in the intense Kansas heat. The trail leads to the Japanese Mafia, a human slavery ring, and even a State Senator. Tiresias, O’Reilly’s blind pet box Turtle, Laura, his side-kick and Janie, his teenage helper all continue as characters from the first book, River of Murder, as does Alex, the colorful local sheriff. O’Reilly, as always, is sometimes helped and sometimes hindered by his bizarre sense of humor.

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