H.B.Berlow is pitching Weekend Getaways or Adventures in Contract Killing.

H. B. studied filmmaking and creative writing at the University of Miami in the 1980’s and was involved in the Boston Poetry Scene in the mid 1990s.  He has been a member of the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) since 2007. His other passions are cooking, food and wine.  He discusses all these aspects on his blog.

Leatrice McKinney is pitching Coveted, a YA Urban Fantasy.

In Coveted, Caleb Dunnelly can raise the dead, a handy little skill that’s propelled him straight to the top of the Seven Deadly Sins’ most wanted list. Leatrice McKinney is a freelance writer, a published poet, and a columnist for Writer’s News Weekly. View her books here.

Mike Watson  is pitching his new novel, Treasure of the Anasazi

The author’s debut novel, The Nestorian Alliance, is a Jack Trader Adventure, now available as an e-Book. He is a writer and self-employed geologist and surveyor, living with his wife in a rural setting near Clearwater, Kansas. Mike is currently working on his second novel in the series. The characters in the series reside in or near Durango, Colorado, one of Mike’s favorite places. Find out more about Mike here. 




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  1. […] One of Novel Clique’s members has a video pitch up for her YA novel, Coveted. Hop over and give it a listen. It’s a fascinating novel full of […]

  2. Patty Says:

    I enjoyed these pitches. Each had its own merits. I admire anyone who has the guts to record a pitch. I never want any of mine documented!

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Patty, we appreciate your comments, and we are glad you enjoyed the pitches. It does take a lot of guts to expose yourself to the world, but all three participants rose to the occasion. We at Keyhole Conversations are very proud of them. We’re doing a unique little author series you don’t want to miss, so drop by next week, and let us know if you enjoy our newest venture as we peek into the life of the author.

      Bonnie Myrick Eaton
      Keyhole Conversations

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