Today’s post is a rambling about our historical novels, the research involved, and our future plans for Keyhole Conversations.

Our dream began in October 2011. Looking back it seems amazing that Keyhole Conversations has accomplished so much in so little time. Eight months ago, we had a simple dream: to promote indie writers’ books in a different way, peeking into the lives of our authors in an attempt to learn more about them and how those experiences shaped their writing.

We thought it would be a simple and exciting cause. How could we know there would be so much to learn about technology? (How hard could it be to run a video camera?) We found out! Plagued by one setback after another, we walked on the edge of giving up, but we kept on, working out the problems one by one as we learned to edit film, compose scenes, and construct a movie version to feature our writers.

We started by interviewing characters from the author’s books, tying in an author’s secret to the vlog. Moving into the holidays, we promoted books with coupons, even giving away free e-books, and yes, we poked fun at ourselves with bloopers. From there we slipped into a five-week series to give our readers variety: authors and their art, authors reading their favorite scene, and along the way, we tucked in works going through publication. Poetry month was featured in April, and recently we offered free downloads of our books, Dark Side of the Rainbow, Edge of Nowhere, and Out of Control, and gave an Amazon gift certificate for the reader who could correctly answer four questions over “The Seduction,” one of the stories from Dark Side of the Rainbow.

We offered our service free to those authors who participated in our venture, and those same authors, under a grandfather clause, will always enjoy a free lifetime membership where they can promote their books without charge. Starting August 1, 2012, our service will no longer be free. Until that date, you can still sign up for your free promotion, but after August 1, there will be a fee for promoting your work on Keyhole Conversations, either fiction or non-fiction.

As we look toward the future, new changes are coming for Keyhole Conversations. In addition to charging a fee for promoting indie writers’ works, we will post two vlogs a month instead of posting every Friday. Both of us are busy writing our historical novels and want to concentrate on completing them.

We hope you are enjoying Keyhole Conversations and will come back for our Writers Who Cook series starting in two weeks.

Thanks to vintagefeedsacks for the use of their images.

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  1. H.B. Berlow Says:

    You ladies have done an admirable job, creating a valuable tool which more indie writers should be taking advantage of in this digital age. You will always be a success in my book (perhaps there IS a pun there). Many should be learning from your example. My hat (if I actually wore one) would be off to you both. Bon appetite!

    • myrickeaton Says:

      H.B. Thank you for your comment. It is so nice to be appreciated. And thank you for your participation on the new cooking series, Writers who Cook. You did a fabulous job.

      Bonnie Myrick Eaton

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