Two previous Keyhole Conversations videos featured accomplished cooks passionate about meal preparation. However, there are non-cooks in the world who barely know slice from dice and only open an oven door out of necessity. All they want is something quick and easy that isn’t a TV dinner. This video is for them. Take a look as non-cook Bonnie teaches clueless-in-the-kitchen Hazel how to make a simple meal that requires minimum preparation and cleanup.


Describing herself as domestically impaired, Bonnie Myrick, author of Out of Control and Nelly of No Man’s Land, is currently writing a cookbook for singles. Third in the Series of Writers Who Cook, Bonnie shares her favorite dish with us today. “No Pots to wash, no plates,” she says. “Just good and easy!”

“So what makes your cookbook different?” we asked.

She cupped her chin in her hands, a gleam in her eyes. “The cookbook follows the adventures of Beggar Bob, a hobo. Each story contains an easy recipe. Take a look.”

We did. So . . . tell us what you think?

Thanks to vintagefeedsacks  and webweaver for the use of their images.


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2 Comments on “WRITERS WHO COOK . . . AND DON’T!”

  1. H.B. Berlow Says:

    Everybody doesn’t have to be Julia Child. As I’ve always stated, I don’t mind being a struggling writer—I just don’t want to be s starving one. One question, however: What wine do you have with the hobos?

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