In an interview, Grandmama, a character in B.J Myrick’s “Nelly of No Man’s Land,” gives her opinions on Nelly’s marriage and the author’s choices. “Nelly of No Man’s Land” will be available on Amazon Kindle December 1, 2012.


As I watched Grandmama on the vlog, I had to smile. It isn’t often I get to control someone else’s life, since I’ve never been able to control my own. Life is a game of chance. You only think you’re in control, but you aren’t. Maybe that’s why I became a writer. I like to move my characters around like a Kansas tornado, just to see how they land on their feet, see what they’re made of.

Do you think Grandmama was even aware I was directing her life as well as her granddaughter’s? As Grandmama stated, I could have given her granddaughter that devilishly handsome and newly-rich man, and it almost happened, but then I snatched that ripe, red apple from her before she took that second bite.

In the end, though, it all came out as I planned. Sometimes that apple has a worm in it or a core that’s rotten, but you don’t see it until you take that first bite. After all, isn’t life about losing everything you love and accepting what crumbs are left? Or is it about learning to appreciate how good the crumbs taste when all is said and done?


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