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January 6, 2012

Welcome to Keyhole Conversations

A Different Kind of Book Review.

It’s always fun to see how characters from the novel respond to our questions. It’s also very interesting to see which character from the book the author allows to be interviewed, which is not always the point-of-view character. It’s one way to see into the heart of the author.

Today’s guest is more than a character, he is also a rather unruly character you won’t meet every day.  He’s R. C. Bellicki, a professional hacker dealing with computers, lost loves, cops, and good beer. He’s got a heart of gold,  is extremely  likeable, and is one guy you will enjoy listening to as he reveals issues from his life and what he thinks of  H. B. Berlow, the author who created him.  You can buy the book at amazon.  Take a look at the video below.


Read the teaser below for a quick review of the story.

Don't miss Kansas Two-Step, a mystery by H. B. Berlow


He’s a gray-bearded old hippie who wears Hawaiian shirts and makes his living  doing subversive internet research. In essence, he’s a professional hacker.  But now R.C. Bellicki has gotten himself caught up in murder, and he has to use all his computer skills to stay one step ahead of the police — and the actual killer.

      Rated: Adult Content

Watch the book trailer below.

A mystery about computers, lost loves, cops, and good beer.

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H.B. Berlow (1962- ) studied film-making at the University of Miami and for a time focused his attention on screenwriting. From 1990-1995 his efforts turned to poetry and he was involved in the Boston Slam Poetry scene, despite doing mostly sonnets and traditional poetry. He moved to Wichita, KS when he met his future wife Shelia. A member of the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) since 2007, he has concentrated largely on fiction, focusing on crime (hard-boiled and neo-noir) and transgressive fiction, having been inspired by such writers as James Ellroy, Jim Thompson, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Chuck Palahniuk. He also paints and creates mixed media art works.  He lives in a 100+ year old Victorian house in Wichita with his wife, Shelia, and three cats — Mongo, Camille, & Rupert. You can find his books on Visit his blog.


Be sure to visit his page at Author’s Den


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December 3, 2011

Take a peek at Keyhole Conversation’s newest YouTube video book review, The Night Before Christmas, where Hazel Hart portrays her character, Sadie Myers, who tells all on the author who brought her to life.

Psychological Suspense: 

It’s Christmastime and Wes Myers asks for Jesus to help him reconcile with his wife Betty, so he can keep her from teaching their children pagan beliefs. After promising Jesus he will do anything to save their souls, he hears, “If I should die before I wake. . .”

Betty takes him back, and with Wes’s prayers answered, the couple has a few good days. Then Wes loses his job, and he reaches for the bottle first and the Bible second. On Christmas Eve, Jesus speaks to Wes again.

The message is chilling!

If you’ve ever wondered why a woman stays with an abusive husband or why a father would kill the child he loves most, then you must read the story of Betty and Wes and what happened on The Night Before Christmas.

Can anyone save Wes  Myers daughters from a father who loves them more than life?

Don’t miss this psychological suspense novel. View the video below and listen as  Hazel Hart’s character, Sadie Myers,  tells all on her author.

The Night Before Christmas is  a riveting page turner, with suspense that builds up to the very end. The storyline explores issues of domestic abuse and takes the reader into the often unexplored region of cult-like religion that manipulates the emotional landscape of all the characters involved. The reader will not be disappointed with this excellent novel. Rated five-star. You can read a sample here.
Hazel Hart has won awards for her short fiction, including “Amanda Marie,” published in Kansas Voices, and “Confessions,” published in Words out of the Flatlands. She has two published suspense novels, The Night before Christmas and Like Mother, Like Daughter, and has co-authored two books of short stories, Dark Side of the Rainbow and Edge of Nowhere, with Bonnie Eaton aka B.J. Myrick.
Hazel lives in the Midwest.

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Book Review: Out of Control (paranormal suspense)

November 27, 2011

Check out Keyhole Conversation’s newest YouTube video book review, Out of Control.  Peek into the life of novelist, B. J. Myrick, and listen to Sarah Meek spill the beans on the author who created her. If you love paranormal suspense, this is the book to add to your Christmas list.

Read the teaser below for a quick review of  the story.

Rated: Adult Content


A terrifying vision in the dead of night begins one woman’s journey into fear. Newly divorced, Sarah Meek has planned a vacation with her sister Katie. Only now an apparition of her dead father has appeared to warn her of danger. Could supernatural forces cross over into her world and take control of her life? Is some evil force imperceptibly, inch-by-inch, consuming her soul? Or is she losing her mind? Her sister scoffs at her vision and refuses to consider canceling their trip.

Sarah and Katie have car trouble on a remote back road and are forced to spend the night in an isolated campground where they meet Doyle Riley, a twisted man with a twisted past, and their dream vacation turns into a horrifying nightmare. As the sisters struggle to survive the night, a spectral wolf comes to their rescue and forever changes their lives.


B. J. Myrick was born in 1932 in Atlanta, Kansas, to Scotch, Irish, and English parents. Her career as an Art Educator spanned twenty-three years.  Her novel, Out of Control, is a paranormal suspense, and she partnered up with Hazel Hart to produce two short story collections of dark fiction, Edge of Nowhere and Dark Side of the Rainbow. Bonnie recently completed a historical novel, Nelly of No Man’s Land, and is currently working on Assisted Living, a mystery. She has one daughter and lives in the Midwest.


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November 9, 2011

Feeling a little feisty? Then you’ll enjoy our next exciting guest on Keyhole Conversations. Bonnie Tharp, author of “Feisty Family Values,” takes a crack at portraying her character, Tillie Dawson, gourmet chef and friend of Regina Morgan-Smith, who tries to cope with a houseful of feisty females. Take a peek at Keyhole Conversations newest YouTube video interview of this award-winning author.

If you look close at the turret window, you can see a ghostly shape reflected there. What’s the story about? Well, we’ve included a teaser, so read on.

Women’s Fiction

When Annabelle Hubbard appears on her cousin Regina’s doorstep covered in bruises, the chaos begins. Within an idyllic neighborhood of stolid, family values and century-old houses, the cousins come to grips with family secrets, the ghosts of painful memories, unruly grandchildren, a life-threatening illness, and sexual temptation. Riding through the storm in their lives, the two cousins find that faith, family, and friends are really all that matters. Rated five star. Read a sample here.  And view the video book review below.



            OCTOBER, 2011: Local author, B.D. Tharp won the 2011 Coffin Memorial Book Award for her novel Feisty Family Values at the Kansas Authors Club convention in Coffeyville. The J. Donald Coffin Award is intended to honor the best-published book written by a member of Kansas Authors Club and published within the two years prior. This makes the third award for Feisty Family Values, which was chosen as one of the 150 books that Kansans love in celebration of the state’s 150th birthday, as well as a finalist in the 2010 USA Book News Best Book awards.

A local writer for Active Aging and Womens Focus magazines, Tharp’s contemporary work of women’s fiction is a real, slice-of-life story with strong, yet vulnerable characters. Feisty’s three female protagonists are multi-faceted with a compelling story to tell that will have you laughing and crying as they discover the truth about what makes a poignant but feisty family.

A lifetime resident of Kansas, B.D. Tharp graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, Women/Minority Studies and Fine Arts.  Former President of Kansas Writers Association, Tharp has published in the Sheridan Edwards Review, in the anthology A Waist Is A Terrible Thing To Mind and approximately a hundred articles for various magazines and newsletters. She’s received awards on a state level for short stories, children’s picture books, and novels, and won an Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest for her play Feisty Fossils, based on her novel Feisty Family Values.

            A Five Star/Gale, Cengage Learning publication, Feisty Family Values (ISBN-13: 978-1-59414-849) can be purchased at any local bookstore, but is usually in stock at Watermark Books, Barnes & Noble, and Feisty Family Values is also available in e-book for Kindle and Nook. To read an excerpt, customer reviews, scheduled events, or learn more about B.D. Tharp and her writing, go to


Where do Readers Go to Get the Best Quality Fiction and Nonfiction from Writers Who Dare to be Independent? Visit

Today’s Book Review: River of Murder by Conrad Jestmore

October 22, 2011

Take a peek at Keyhole Conversations newest YouTube video interview of Conrad Jestmore’s “River of Murder,” where the author portrays his character, ex-cop and P.I., Jimmy O’Reilly, who “spills the beans” on his creator. We will be posting the video on Keyhole Conversations after November lst. Or if you want to view it now, you can copy and paste the link into your browser.

We’ve included a teaser of what his book is about. Read on.

Mystery:  Jimmy O’Reilly, ex-cop and failed P.I., returns to his small Kansas hometown on the Arkansas River to find peace, but instead finds a family friend murdered. Only problem, no one believes it is murder. As a reluctant investigator, O’Reilly stumbles on an international drug scheme, and in the process, has to face his demons from the past. A trail of murders up and down the river leads O’Reilly back to the big city and its violent underworld of crime. It also brings into question his own ability not only to find the truth, but to come to terms with his wife’s death and also protect a local teenager from danger in her innocent involvement in the violence.


 Conrad Jestmore has published short stories, poetry and non-fiction in numerous journals and anthologies, and is a Past-President of the Kansas Authors Association. His first novel, River of Murder is available as an e-book from, Barnes and Noble.Com, and the publisher, He has earned gainful employment as a welfare case worker in the mountains of northern California, an elevator operator when elevators still had them, a bartender, a paint warehouse stocker, a USO performer and a high school teacher. He is a Reiki Master and currently teaches Reiki classes and heals both humans and animals in his central Kansas Reiki practice.

This Week’s Novel Selection: A Plane Tree in Provence by Arlene Graber

October 20, 2011

Last week, Hazel Hart, my Keyhole Conversations partner, uploaded our first video interview review to YouTube of the book, “A Plane Tree in Provence,” where Arlene Graber portrays her character, Penny Wilson, who ‘tells all’ on the author who brought her to life. Check it out!

Read a sample of her writing here.


A Plane Tree in Provence won the  Kansas Authors Club 2011 first place award  in the statewide contest. We hope you enjoy a teaser of what her book is about, so read on.

Women’s Fiction:

Take five bored women anxious to escape their humdrum lives, add a journey to France, a mix  of French wines, a sprinkle  of conflict, and an amorous affair, and you have a recipe for trouble. If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting one of those far-away places, here is armchair travel that will take you to A Plane Tree in Provence. The author’s descriptions of the French countryside, the wines, and the French people will put you there as you experience the adventures and conflicts of the five women—each with her own personal issues of adultery, bereavement, and seduction. Readers will find a blend of heart-warming adventures in this satisfying novel about friendships set amid the charm of the French countryside.

Review by B. J. Myrick

About the Author:

Arlene Graber is an award winning freelance writer from Wichita, Kansas. Her writing career spans more than twenty-five years with over 100 devotionals,  essays, and articles published in numerous newspapers, magazines and periodicals. Devoted to Traveling was released February 16, 2010, by AWOC Publishers. She is a retired travel agent who has traveled throughout the world. She  is a graduate of the University of Memphis, is an avid scrapbooker, a graduate of Bible Study Fellowship, the proud grandmother of two boys, and has attended Eastminster Presbyterian Church for over thirty years. She is currently writing a sequel to A Plane Tree in Provence.

Janice Parr, photographer