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August 2, 2013

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Welcome to Keyhole Conversations new venture into Readers Little Theater. 

Author  B. J. Myrick and co-author Hazel Hart have allowed their characters to speak from the pages of their book, DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW.  Jenny Marsh and her sister, Darlene, share the spotlight in this scene from the tale, “Lady in the Dark.” Bonnie Myrick portrays Jenny who has been attacked by a mutant spider, while Arlene Graber stars as the beautiful and personable sister, Darlene.

Jenny is recovering from her hospital stay with Darlene after being attacked by a giant spider. Darlene is ready for Jenny to go home.

The lights are going down now, the curtain is parting. It’s time to settle into a comfortable chair, watch the show, and be grateful it wasn’t you the mutant spider wanted for lunch.

We want to  thank Arlene Graber for participating in today’s Readers Little Theater. Be sure to check out her amazon author page and her website.


Every story starts with an idea, but there is more thought put into even a short story than you might imagine.

First of all, I had to familiarize myself with the habits of arachnids before I could write “Lady in the Dark.” Then I considered: was it possible for mutant spiders to exist? What if government experiments could combine stem cells with transgenic research to trap a human brain inside a spider, making it possible for a man’s brain to control and use a giant spider as a weapon of war?  How would the mating urge affect the story if the spider escaped? Research had to be conducted on spider sex to discover how it might be possible for an arachnid to mate with a human.

For a story to succeed, a reader must be able to suspend disbelief, which is made possible if an author lays a thorough groundwork of  research. With this in mind, would you suspend belief and take a walk with me on the dark side?

tech hotties copyABOUT THE AUTHORS

Authors, Bonnie Myrick Eaton and Hazel Hart have partnered up to produce two short story collections of dark fiction, DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW and EDGE OF NOWHERE.  Both authors are members of the Kansas Writers Association, and both  have won numerous awards for their fiction.

Hazel teaches English online for Butler County Community College. She has published four novels and co-authored two books with Bonnie Myrick, She also has published one collection of short stories, THE NANCY NOLAN SHOW.

Bonnie Myrick has published two novels, a historical and a paranormal suspense and written two books of dark fiction with Hazel Hart. Her current mystery, ASSISTED DYING, is schedule for publication in 2013.

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December 17, 2011

These Keyhole Conversations bloopers were too good not to share. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

The learning curve never stops. Our journey into making videos has been an uplifting, fun experience, and we’ve shared great times with our authors who were brave enough to be different and participate in our adventure. These writers cast a long shadow and are great sports.

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Have a wonderful Christmas.

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December 8, 2011

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Hazel Hart

Remember the Lucille Ball/Desi Arnaz movie, The Long, Long Trailer, in which Lucy convinces Desi to buy a house trailer to honeymoon and travel in and all the mishaps that befall them on the road? That is exactly the pattern of events that happened to Bonnie Myrick Eaton and me as we embarked on our Keyhole Conversations journey.

When Bonnie, my friend, co-author, and now co-video creator, suggested a video blog (otherwise known as a vlog) in which we would interview characters about their thoughts on their authors, I visualized something fun, easy, and quick. All we would need was five minutes in front of my webcam. Then we’d upload to YouTube and Facebook, and we’d be done and back to writing our novels until the next interview.

We enthusiastically began promoting our idea to fellow writers, and Arlene Rains Graber agreed to be our first guinea pig. She was the one who dubbed us as “Tech Hotties.” Then we set about making our first video. Bonnie, ever the artist with a couple of really great book trailers to her credit, began working on a Keyhole Conversations logo and ferreting out music to add to the video. Then we interviewed each other, and my innocence was quickly shattered when the webcam images blurred. We weren’t “Tech Hotties” after all; we were “Tech Notties.”

Since we couldn’t figure out the problem, I purchased a Kodak Play Sport video camera. The camera took great video, but the included free software for making movies was confusing, at least confusing for a “Tech Nottie” like me. After an afternoon of trials with the movie software, we tried to e-mail our first movie clip to Bonnie’s computer. Even though the instructions for e-mailing proclaimed the process easy, my e-mail did not take kindly to MP4 files. They wouldn’t send. We tried DVDs and flash drives, but Bonnie’s computer didn’t respond well to those.

After several afternoons of technical trial and error, we were finally ready for our first video, an interview with Arlene Rains Graber’s A Plane Tree in Provence character, Penny Wilson. Arlene was fantastic as her character. We shot the video straight through three times. Each time, something happened. An overhead plane drowned out the sound, a word was mispronounced, a line was forgotten, but I reasoned it would be easy enough to cut and splice. Wrong! Remember how Lucy tried to cook in a moving trailer and things kept crashing around her. That was the feeling I had as I settled in front of my computer. I was emotionally at the edge of a cliff when I finally finished cutting, splicing and rearranging.

We finished that first video and learned a lot. We learned to shoot short clips of one question and one answer, which made it easier to edit out mistakes. We learned saving and uploading takes a long time. We still worry when “high CPU usage” appears on my laptop computer’s screen.

We have persevered, and our first interviews are up. While we have not yet reached “Tech Hottie” status, our characters’ authors are brilliant. Here are the links:

Arlen Rains Graber’s A Plane Tree in Provence

Conrad Jestmore’s River of Murder

B.D. Tharp’s Feisty Family Values

Bonnie Myrick’s Out of Control

Hazel Hart’s The Night Before Christmas

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