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August 2, 2013

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Welcome to Keyhole Conversations new venture into Readers Little Theater. 

Author  B. J. Myrick and co-author Hazel Hart have allowed their characters to speak from the pages of their book, DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW.  Jenny Marsh and her sister, Darlene, share the spotlight in this scene from the tale, “Lady in the Dark.” Bonnie Myrick portrays Jenny who has been attacked by a mutant spider, while Arlene Graber stars as the beautiful and personable sister, Darlene.

Jenny is recovering from her hospital stay with Darlene after being attacked by a giant spider. Darlene is ready for Jenny to go home.

The lights are going down now, the curtain is parting. It’s time to settle into a comfortable chair, watch the show, and be grateful it wasn’t you the mutant spider wanted for lunch.

We want to  thank Arlene Graber for participating in today’s Readers Little Theater. Be sure to check out her amazon author page and her website.


Every story starts with an idea, but there is more thought put into even a short story than you might imagine.

First of all, I had to familiarize myself with the habits of arachnids before I could write “Lady in the Dark.” Then I considered: was it possible for mutant spiders to exist? What if government experiments could combine stem cells with transgenic research to trap a human brain inside a spider, making it possible for a man’s brain to control and use a giant spider as a weapon of war?  How would the mating urge affect the story if the spider escaped? Research had to be conducted on spider sex to discover how it might be possible for an arachnid to mate with a human.

For a story to succeed, a reader must be able to suspend disbelief, which is made possible if an author lays a thorough groundwork of  research. With this in mind, would you suspend belief and take a walk with me on the dark side?

tech hotties copyABOUT THE AUTHORS

Authors, Bonnie Myrick Eaton and Hazel Hart have partnered up to produce two short story collections of dark fiction, DARK SIDE OF THE RAINBOW and EDGE OF NOWHERE.  Both authors are members of the Kansas Writers Association, and both  have won numerous awards for their fiction.

Hazel teaches English online for Butler County Community College. She has published four novels and co-authored two books with Bonnie Myrick, She also has published one collection of short stories, THE NANCY NOLAN SHOW.

Bonnie Myrick has published two novels, a historical and a paranormal suspense and written two books of dark fiction with Hazel Hart. Her current mystery, ASSISTED DYING, is schedule for publication in 2013.

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June 1, 2012

Authors Hazel Hart and Bonnie Myrick ran a book promotion contest last week, with a ten dollar amazon gift certificate as the prize. Readers were asked to answer four questions from “The Seduction,” one of the stories in the book, Dark Side of the Rainbow. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find out how “The Seduction” was created by these two talented authors.

The winner of the ten dollar gift card is Conrad Jestmore.

Congratulations Conrad.

Your gift card is in the mail.

The questions with the correct answers are below.

1. Where do Sydney and Armando meet?
Answer: mortuary of funeral home
2. What device does Sydney use to bring police and rescue workers to the grave where she is buried alive?
Answer: Cell phone with GPS
3. What color is the liquid oozing from the wound on Sydney’s neck? Answer: green.
4. When Sydney and Armando are both in bat form, how do they communicate?
Answer: through telepathy.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Dark Side of the Rainbow, view the book trailer below and then head over to amazon to pick up a  copy

Writing “The Seduction”

When we first got the idea of co-writing a story  by e-mailing the manuscript back and forth, adding a paragraph each time, we had no story in mind. As in life, one thing led to another, and “The Seduction” came to life.

Since there was no agreed-upon plan, what one of us wrote often messed up the vision the other had of where the story was going. During each turn, we could either accept the new direction and build on it or find a way to return the story to our vision of its unfolding.

After almost a year, we realized the story had to come to an end, so we had a weekend write-in at Bonnie’s. For two days, we traded seat time at the computer, again with no plan except to find an ending. Writing “The Seduction” was great fun. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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May 18, 2012

Award winning authors Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart are running a contest to promote the Kindle eBook that was available for free download May 16th and  17th.

Enter the contest between May 18 and May 25 for a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. Read “The Seduction,” one of the stories in Dark Side of the Rainbow. Then in a comment, answer four questions about the story posted below. Participants who correctly answer the questions will be entered in a drawing to win the gift card. To be eligible for the drawing, participant must  have the correct answers and include an email address in their comment.

Drawing will be held May 30th and the winner  announced  June 1st.


1. Where do Sydney and Armando meet?

2. What device does Sydney use to bring police and rescue workers to the grave where she is buried alive?

3. What color is the liquid oozing from the wound on Sydney’s neck?

4. When Sydney and Armando are both in bat form, how do they communicate?

Your opinions on the story would be appreciated.

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February 11, 2012

Starting today, KEYHOLE CONVERSATIONS will feature a new six-week series on authors reading a favorite scene from their book.

Our first award-winning writer,  Hazel Hart, is an author of many talents who has  five published books to her credit. She has selected a scene from Dark Side of the Rainbow, a chilling collection of  short stories she co-authored with B. J. Myrick.

The story, Lady in the Dark, is about a woman  who searches for answers to the strange changes within her body after an attack by a gigantic five-foot spider and uncovers covert government research gone wrong.

View the video below and step into the world of dark fiction . . . if you dare!


    1.   Most spiders are very near sighted.

    2.  Spider babies come from eggs. The female lays up   to 300 eggs that are encased in a silk sac. Young spiders can regenerate a lost leg.  Adults can’t.

   3.   Spiders make a new web each day because the old one gets dirty. They roll the old web into a ball and eat it.

4.  A jumping spider can jump up to twenty-five times its own body length.

5.  Mating is dangerous for the male spider, who performs ritualistic dancing to hypnotize the female before fertilization to avoid being eaten by her.


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