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Legacies From The Past

September 27, 2013


Have you ever wondered where a writer gets the idea for a particular book and what is involved in the creation of the story that looks so enticing in the book’s description? The idea for my novel was inspired by Mother’s stories about homesteading in No Man’s Land and my great-grandmother’s recipes for herbal cures—she was a medicine woman.

Within the tattered pages of the old Dr. Chase book, published in the 1800’s, were my great-grandmother’s recipes for herbal cures written on blank pages at the end of chapters. They contained weird ingredients such as sugar of lead, chloroform, sarsaparilla, sulphuric ether and acid, iodide of potash, stillingia, poke root, and morphine, to name just a few. Her cures covered diphtheria, blood purifier and liver regulator, piles, worms, and a host of other ailments. With her concoctions, she healed ill and dying patients who had been given up to die by the doctors. Unfortunately, she never passed down the tradition of healing with herbs.

As I considered how I could use the herbal healing in a novel, I remembered all those family stories my mother told me about homesteading in No Man’s Land. As a child, I used to beg her to retell the stories, and she would laugh and say, “Oh, you don’t want to hear that again.” But she always recounted those fascinating tales of digging the dugout, confronting outlaws, digging the well, fighting prairie fires set by the cattlemen to drive out settlers who were a  threat to open range. I never tired of hearing about those frightening experiences of what it was like to homestead in that wild and untamed territory.

The story, Nelly of No Man’s Land takes place in Oklahoma over a two-year period. A pioneer family homesteads in The Strip where they struggle to survive in a lawless territory. Nelly Duncan is a dying woman who battles to regain her health while struggling to resolve the personal pain of her husband’s alcohol addiction and infidelity. Through the help of a medicine man, she regains her health there. Then the past returns to haunt her: the handsome peddler she turned to for comfort during her husband’s unfaithfulness and who fathered a child her husband thinks is his own, reappears in her life.

Take a step back in time and travel with me through the pages of Nelly of No Man’s Land as I share the journey with you. The historical novel is available at in both eBook and paperback.


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August 23, 2013

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Through the generations of my family, there have been several members who have had multiple marriages and divorces, bringing about a number of blended family situations. In my own case, I, like Kindra in The Survivalist’s Daughter, was not told the truth about my family. At the age of ten, I found my birth certificate in a box of old photos and clippings and was shocked to see that the name listed as father was someone I had never heard of. The feelings of confusion and betrayal that I felt in that moment haunted me through the years. I tried several times to write a novel about those feelings but was always stopped after the first chapter. Fifty years later, I finally broke through the writer’s block when I made the novel my NaNoWriMo project. After much rewriting and a couple of title changes, The Survivalist’s Daughter was complete. Visit my Amazon author’s page 


Hart-likemotherlikedaughter author2Hazel Hart, a member of Kansas Writers Association and Kansas Authors Club, has won awards for her short fiction, including “Amanda Marie,” published in Kansas Voices, and “Confessions,” published in Words out of the Flatlands.

She has three published suspense novels, The Night before Christmas, Family History, and Possessing Sara and has co-authored two books of short stories, Dark Side of the Rainbow and The Edge of Nowhere, with Bonnie Eaton aka B.J. Myrick, which are also listed on  Visit her amazon author page and preview The Survivalist’s Daughter.

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September 19, 2012

Keyhole Conversations scary Halloween Book Trailer contest closes on September 30, 2012. Be sure to get your entry in. You could be one of the the lucky winners. Not quite sure if your book trailer qualifies? Here is one example of a ‘scary’ book trailer. We’re even offering a special coupon code so you can get the eBook free. And be looking for another special Halloween offer of a free scary eBook next week.


A Novella by Hazel Hart 

A young woman inherits a mummy with instructions for activating its powers and making her every wish and dream come true. But then she learns the mummy has wishes of its own in KISS MUMMY GOODNIGHT.

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December 24, 2011

Christmas is just a breath away, and for those of you looking to buy something for the person who already has it all, consider an e-book to go along with that new e-book reader.

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December 17, 2011

These Keyhole Conversations bloopers were too good not to share. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed putting them together.

The learning curve never stops. Our journey into making videos has been an uplifting, fun experience, and we’ve shared great times with our authors who were brave enough to be different and participate in our adventure. These writers cast a long shadow and are great sports.

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