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February 6, 2013

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Swan Song: Creating Characters, Plot, and Setting

B.J. Myrick of Keyhole Conversations interviews author H.B. Berlow about the creation of SWAN SONG. Berlow discusses the development of the characters, plot, and setting of his crime fiction novel.

View H. B. Berlow’s author page here. Check out his novel,  Swan Song, a different kind of book by a different kind of author. You can preview the first three chapters of Swan Song on Amazon, but you’ll be hooked by the time you finish Chapter one.

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Swan Song: From Manuscript to Published Book

January 30, 2013

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Author H.B. Berlow traces the development of his novel from completing a NaNoWriMo challenge, through revising, editing, and pitching the novel, to finally signing with a publisher and holding the paperback in his hands.


h.b. owfiH. B. studied filmmaking and creative writing at the University of Miami in the 1980′s and was involved in the Boston Poetry Scene in the mid 1990s. He is president of the Kansas Writers Association and has been a member of KWA  since 2007. His other passions are cooking, food and wine.  He discusses all these aspects on his blog.

Thanks to vintagefeedsacks for their images.