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April 19, 2013

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Freelance photographer Lindsey Grayson had planned a quiet morning snapping photos in the forest.  When she becomes the only witness to a vicious double murder, she’s glad that she has her camera ready.  Lindsey quickly and quietly documents the event and then alerts the authorities.  She doesn’t expect to become embroiled in the mystery, but when her photos hit the news, the killer realizes he didn’t go undetected.  He won’t think twice about eliminating a witness. Lindsey’s world is soon turned upside down as she finds herself fighting to stay alive and bring the killer to justice.  Rival gangs, a growing drug ring, and a startling kidnapping all play a part in making this one photo shoot that she will never forget.



RaeHRRae Cuda is a retired speech-language pathologist with a passion for photographing the beauty of God’s creation.She is active in her local church and has co-authored materials for other speech-language pathologists to use in therapy, which feature her photos. Rae lives in central Kansas with her husband and dogs and they all love to travel. Her book is available here.


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Book Review: Out of Control (paranormal suspense)

November 27, 2011

Check out Keyhole Conversation’s newest YouTube video book review, Out of Control.  Peek into the life of novelist, B. J. Myrick, and listen to Sarah Meek spill the beans on the author who created her. If you love paranormal suspense, this is the book to add to your Christmas list.

Read the teaser below for a quick review of  the story.

Rated: Adult Content


A terrifying vision in the dead of night begins one woman’s journey into fear. Newly divorced, Sarah Meek has planned a vacation with her sister Katie. Only now an apparition of her dead father has appeared to warn her of danger. Could supernatural forces cross over into her world and take control of her life? Is some evil force imperceptibly, inch-by-inch, consuming her soul? Or is she losing her mind? Her sister scoffs at her vision and refuses to consider canceling their trip.

Sarah and Katie have car trouble on a remote back road and are forced to spend the night in an isolated campground where they meet Doyle Riley, a twisted man with a twisted past, and their dream vacation turns into a horrifying nightmare. As the sisters struggle to survive the night, a spectral wolf comes to their rescue and forever changes their lives.


B. J. Myrick was born in 1932 in Atlanta, Kansas, to Scotch, Irish, and English parents. Her career as an Art Educator spanned twenty-three years.  Her novel, Out of Control, is a paranormal suspense, and she partnered up with Hazel Hart to produce two short story collections of dark fiction, Edge of Nowhere and Dark Side of the Rainbow. Bonnie recently completed a historical novel, Nelly of No Man’s Land, and is currently working on Assisted Living, a mystery. She has one daughter and lives in the Midwest.


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