This video is the last in a three-part series on pitches filmed at the Kansas Writers Association meeting where members were challenged by president, H. B. Berlow, to pitch their books in  one minute. Authors had ten minutes to prepare and practice their pitches, then they allowed  Keyhole Conversations  to film their efforts.

Our last authors to pitch their books are Diane Roads, Wes Brummer, and Kae Bartelheimer.

About Diane Roads

Diane Roads lives in Kansas with her husband. One of her biggest passions is her School Supply Ministry through her church. She knows young writers can’t be inspired without pencil and paper. Her second passion is in her writing. She had been to eleven schools by the fifth grade, and that in itself made writing a challenge. With amazement, she dared to dream when she wrote her first book, Only the Dog Knows. Using her dog Emmy as a role model, she borrowed pages from her life story and started to write, and she hasn’t stopped. An avid reader of mysteries, Diane gains support and encouragement with her writing from the Kansas Writers Association. No, she has never jumped out of an airplane, but would love to go up in a hot air balloon.

About Wes Brummer

Born in 1955, Wes Brummer grew up in Kingman, Kansas, watched children’s television programs, including shows such as Freddy Fudd and Major Astro, and made up time travel adventures. His first published story was a fantasy called “The Prophet,” which appeared in the Hutchinson Junior College magazine.

Along with the stories he saw on television, Wes was raised on stories of his family’s struggles during the Great Depression told to him by his mother. His current work in progress, Flowers in the Dust, is a historical novel which examines life on a Depression era poor farm and how one young woman seeks to provide some cheer in the bleak existence of the residents.

About Kae Bartelheimer


A standard pitch includes the book’s title and genre, a hook (point that grabs the audience), a cliff hanger, and an indication of where the book fits with others that have been published. All of this must be presented in one minute or less. Listen for these points as you watch the video.

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  1. H.B. Berlow Says:

    It’s amazing how much different things are than my memory. Everyone who participated was brave, to say the least. However, whatever nerves they had before fellow understanding writers will be nothing when they get before an agent. I wish them all well.

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