Keyhole Conversations steps back in time with Richard Walkup, a  prolific painter who later turned his talents to writing. His oil paintings range from realism to abstract, from moody environmental subject matter  to city scenes painted with color and excitement. In Thunderstorm, he captures the feel of nature’s power. Can you see the wind pushing huge thunderheads,  hear the lightning crackle in the ominous cloud formation ?

We hope you enjoy the oil paintings of this amazing artist as much as we did.  See if you can guess the genre he writes in by looking at what and how he paints


See what Richard has to say about his art

and what his paintings represent to him.

“Everything I know about painting I learned in fourth grade art class, from primary colors to vanishing points and horizon lines.  Using an abstract subject that obsessed me for weeks, I began painting Puzzle Cubes In Space in 1970.  That was followed by Kansas City Turns On, inspired by a picture of Kansas City, Missouri, at dusk from beneath the Pesao Bridge over the Missouri River, as depicted on the 1969 Kansas City, Missouri, phone directory.

“Then came, In The Beginning, (Cockroaches Rule),  Water and Wine, still life.  (Spaceship) Returning HomeFood Fruit and Wine still life,  Ghost Town 1970Thunderstorm Over the Prairie, Oklahoma City ShinesSpook, my pal.  Hang-gliding near Manhattan, Kansas (Port hole) Portal to Space,  America the Beautiful,  Chess Dream Scape and  Out of the Flat Lands.

“These paintings represent my philosophy of life, my view of the beauty and the ugliness of the environment, and love and beauty in the abstract.”

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One Comment on “A STEP BACK IN TIME”

  1. tikiman1962 Says:

    I’m more and more amazed every time I visit this site and discover completely new things about the people I know. Or thought i knew. How utterly amazing. And I will tell Richard that when I see him next. Thank you, ladies.

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