B. J. Myrick, author of Out of Control, reads a passage from her favorite scene. She had this to say, “Doyle Riley is a brooding, dangerous man. Although his language is appropriate to his character, it isn’t to mine, so I’ve taken the liberty of censoring some of his words. Bleep, Bleep!

“When I dropped into my dark side,  my predator stepped from the written pages to haunt me.  And so began the power struggle between good and evil.  Once you listen to Doyle’s world view of  humanity, you might just shudder.

“A figment of my imagination? Perhaps, although I shall never forget  the day he escaped to stalk two sisters on vacation, and I began to wonder, who would survive?. . . oh well, just watch the video and listen to Doyle rant. You’ll see what I mean!”


 Lean close. Bonnie will whisper her secret to you.

“One night I left my college class with a friend. We walked out together as a safety measure because several women had been attacked by a predator lying in wait. I was glad my friend was with me that night; none of the car doors would open, not even the trunk. My friend and I called the police, and they found toothpicks broken off in all of the  locks. A scary experience. Someone was looking over me that night . . . the Big Guy upstairs!”

Bonnie tells me she now lives with an attack cat. Cats, she says,  can be more vicious than a dog. She brags that her cat can hear someone walking a block away. The cat’s eyes grow round,  and with his ears laid back,  he drops into a crouch and stares out the window. Everyone should have a cat!


A special thank you to vintagefeedsacks.blogspot.com for the use of her images.

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