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It’s always fun to see how characters from the novel respond to our questions. It’s also very interesting to see which character from the book the author allows to be interviewed, which is not always the point-of-view character. It’s one way to see into the heart of the author.

Today’s guest is more than a character, he is also a rather unruly character you won’t meet every day.  He’s R. C. Bellicki, a professional hacker dealing with computers, lost loves, cops, and good beer. He’s got a heart of gold,  is extremely  likeable, and is one guy you will enjoy listening to as he reveals issues from his life and what he thinks of  H. B. Berlow, the author who created him.  You can buy the book at amazon.  Take a look at the video below.


Read the teaser below for a quick review of the story.

Don't miss Kansas Two-Step, a mystery by H. B. Berlow


He’s a gray-bearded old hippie who wears Hawaiian shirts and makes his living  doing subversive internet research. In essence, he’s a professional hacker.  But now R.C. Bellicki has gotten himself caught up in murder, and he has to use all his computer skills to stay one step ahead of the police — and the actual killer.

      Rated: Adult Content

Watch the book trailer below.

A mystery about computers, lost loves, cops, and good beer.

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H.B. Berlow (1962- ) studied film-making at the University of Miami and for a time focused his attention on screenwriting. From 1990-1995 his efforts turned to poetry and he was involved in the Boston Slam Poetry scene, despite doing mostly sonnets and traditional poetry. He moved to Wichita, KS when he met his future wife Shelia. A member of the KWA (Kansas Writer’s Association) since 2007, he has concentrated largely on fiction, focusing on crime (hard-boiled and neo-noir) and transgressive fiction, having been inspired by such writers as James Ellroy, Jim Thompson, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, and Chuck Palahniuk. He also paints and creates mixed media art works.  He lives in a 100+ year old Victorian house in Wichita with his wife, Shelia, and three cats — Mongo, Camille, & Rupert. You can find his books on Visit his blog.


Be sure to visit his page at Author’s Den


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A thank you to Tropical Plants, Flowers, and Decor for the use of their clip art.

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  1. […] of poetry. My first novel “Kansas Two-Step” has gotten a shot in the arm from a vlog on Keyhole Conversations. I figured I could generate even more […]

  2. Valerie Del Signore Says:

    Not surprised to view such a fantastic venue! So very entertaining indeed! (Quite prejudice also!)

  3. alanpzendell Says:

    What a brilliant idea! Interviewing a character from the book. I wish I’d thought of it. I wonder what my characters would say about me.

    • myrickeaton Says:

      Well, we can find out. Which character would you interview if it were possible? What is the title of your book? It would be fun to do something long distance.

      We appreciate your comments and for taking the time to respond to our post and vlog, Alan. (big, big smile!)

      Bonnie J. Myrick

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