Award winning authors Bonnie Myrick and Hazel Hart are running a contest to promote the Kindle eBook that was available for free download May 16th and  17th.

Enter the contest between May 18 and May 25 for a chance to win a $10.00 Amazon Gift Certificate. Read “The Seduction,” one of the stories in Dark Side of the Rainbow. Then in a comment, answer four questions about the story posted below. Participants who correctly answer the questions will be entered in a drawing to win the gift card. To be eligible for the drawing, participant must  have the correct answers and include an email address in their comment.

Drawing will be held May 30th and the winner  announced  June 1st.


1. Where do Sydney and Armando meet?

2. What device does Sydney use to bring police and rescue workers to the grave where she is buried alive?

3. What color is the liquid oozing from the wound on Sydney’s neck?

4. When Sydney and Armando are both in bat form, how do they communicate?

Your opinions on the story would be appreciated.

Thanks to vintagefeedsacks for the use of their images

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  1. Answers for the Take The Challenge contest. 1.) mortuary/funeral home 2.)cell phone 3. greenish foam 4.) telepathy

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