Authors Hazel Hart and Bonnie Myrick ran a book promotion contest last week, with a ten dollar amazon gift certificate as the prize. Readers were asked to answer four questions from “The Seduction,” one of the stories in the book, Dark Side of the Rainbow. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find out how “The Seduction” was created by these two talented authors.

The winner of the ten dollar gift card is Conrad Jestmore.

Congratulations Conrad.

Your gift card is in the mail.

The questions with the correct answers are below.

1. Where do Sydney and Armando meet?
Answer: mortuary of funeral home
2. What device does Sydney use to bring police and rescue workers to the grave where she is buried alive?
Answer: Cell phone with GPS
3. What color is the liquid oozing from the wound on Sydney’s neck? Answer: green.
4. When Sydney and Armando are both in bat form, how do they communicate?
Answer: through telepathy.

If you haven’t picked up your copy of Dark Side of the Rainbow, view the book trailer below and then head over to amazon to pick up a  copy

Writing “The Seduction”

When we first got the idea of co-writing a story  by e-mailing the manuscript back and forth, adding a paragraph each time, we had no story in mind. As in life, one thing led to another, and “The Seduction” came to life.

Since there was no agreed-upon plan, what one of us wrote often messed up the vision the other had of where the story was going. During each turn, we could either accept the new direction and build on it or find a way to return the story to our vision of its unfolding.

After almost a year, we realized the story had to come to an end, so we had a weekend write-in at Bonnie’s. For two days, we traded seat time at the computer, again with no plan except to find an ending. Writing “The Seduction” was great fun. We hope you enjoyed reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Thanks to vintagefeedsacks for the use of their images

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